Manizales / Zeri Pavilion - bamboo construction with German building permit

This 2000 square meter bamboo pavilion by Simon Vélez and Marcelo Villegas was constructed for the ZERI Foundation (Zero Emmissions Research and Initiative) at the Expo Hanover 2000.

Energy-plus Guessing, the story of a Mayor and an Engineer

A former poor rural Austrian town bordering Hungary with no industry, a high unemployment rate and 70% of weekly commuters to Vienna transformed itself into an energy autonomous town in 2001 and is now producing more energy (heat, fuels, and electric power) from renewable resources than actually can be consumed in the town.

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The driving thought behind this BLOG is that we are in the need of a major transition in thinking and we need to get inspired. We have to approach ‘living’, ‘moving’, ‘using’, ‘creating’ in a different way. Many designers, urban planners, architects and other creative people are frontrunners for change and frontrunners need to be appreciated and shared.

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Katleen De Flander
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