S-House: Factor 10 building using renewable resources

by Katleen De Flander

Project by: GrAT – Center of Appropriate Technology
Project Name: S-House
Project Links: S-House , Scheicher Architekten

Parallel to the transition from fossil to renewable energy, a transition from conventional to renewable materials is necessary. Most ‘sustainable building’ projects however focus mostly on the energy part. This building showcases the functionality of its building materials made from renewable raw materials while reaching passive house standard.

The aim of the project was to realise a „Factor 10“ example: a building that is using only 10 per cent of resources and energy compared to a conventional construction.

“The designing and building processes of the S-House followed the idea of resource circulation and took into account the entire lifecycle of materials and the energy streams used throughout all phases of the product as well as all relevant consequences. From the research and prototyping experiments carried out earlier, it was clear that efficient and innovative utilisation of renewable raw materials is a key factor for sustainable building concepts. During the project, a wide range of innovations were initiated and realised and new products based on renewable raw materials were developed.” (Wimmer and Kang, GrAT)

Surrounding the building is a show-cased garden that is conceived as a “material garden” which will exhibit where and how natural building materials that are used in the S-House actually come from.”

Picture credits: Scheicher Architekten

Published on 11. October 2011
by Katleen De Flander


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